Invoices will be issued prior to the commencement of each term and are to be paid in full within two weeks of term commencing. All prices include GST. 

30 mins per week = $9

45 mins per week= $12

60 mins per week= $16

75 mins per week= $18

90 mins per week = $20  

Private lessons= POA  




*Term fees are to be paid in full, within two weeks of the commencement of term. 

*Costume fees are payed in instalments throughout the year to reduce the large cost at the end of the year.

* We offer one free trial class per child. If the child continues, you will be invoiced for the full term fees.   

* Each class has a specific uniform requirement which must be worn in accordance to that class. Please refer to our uniform list. 

* There is an annual $25 enrolment fee which is non refundable. 

* For health and safety reasons all medical/ health conditions must be reported to the school. 

* There is to be no film or photography taken of students in class unless the teacher has given permission. 

* Once you enrol for a class, you will be invoiced for the entire term. There is no concession for school camps, family holidays, sickness etc.