Bring on Term 4!


Term 4 dates: Monday 8th of October- thursday 13th of DEcember

In- house VCE dance & Choreography class performance: SAturday 3rd of November

Junior Concert: Sunday 2nd of December

senior dress rehearsal: Monday 10th of DEcember

Senior concert: Friday 14th of DEcember

No classes:

Melbourne Cup Tuesday 06.11.18

Senior concert rehearsal: Monday 10.12.18

Pre Inter Summer Workshop DAtes: Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th January 2019

Inter/ Senior Summer Workshop dates: Monday 14th- Friday 18th JAnuary 2019


Welcome back to term 4 everyone, I hope you all had a tremendous Spring break and got some well deserved warmth and sunshine. As I look back over everything we achieved during term 3, I am overcome with pride and happiness. We started the term off with a bang, as a selection of our RAD students sat their grade 4 and 5 RAD ballet exams. Our Company class were fortunate enough to have a 3 week intensive with the dynamic Antony Hamilton. We also had the incredibly talented Renee Von Sedon come and teach a latin dance workshop to our Senior Jazz students. Although incredibly challenging we had a ball learning from such remarkable artists.

Term 4 is set to be a very big one in the lead up to our in-house VCE dance/ Choreography class performance, and our Junior and Senior concerts.

Attendance is vital over the next 9-10 weeks as we will be finalising choreography and moving into the very important cleaning phase. This is where students will get the change to hone in on their performance skills, build up endurance and confidence and focus on their technique.

Costumes invoices will be sent out very soon. Your invoice will need to be paid in full prior to receiving your costumes.

Concert footage: As I announced last term, we are moving into the future and our dance concerts will be filmed, edited and uploaded onto a private Vimeo channel this year. Each family will receive a password enabling you to stream the concert straight to your devices. If you still wish to receive a DVD, please let me know, as this can be arranged.

Please refer to the below information to help prepare you for this term. Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions, otherwise I look forward to seeing you all at our end of year concerts.

VCE DAnce & Choreography Class in House performance

trio picture.jpg

When: Saturday 3rd of November 

Time: 5:40-6:30pm 

Where: Elevation Dance Studios- 100 Barkly St Fitzroy North

Over the past term our extremely talented VCE dance and Choreography students have been working on generating, crafting and consolidating their composition solos. I would love to welcome friends and family to an in-house performance to provide these students with an opportunity to perform in front of an audience, discuss ideas and to help celebrate their hard work and creativity.

Junior concert

When: Sunday the 2nd of December

Where: Melbourne Girls College

Drop off time: 12:20pm

Rehearsal 12:45-1:45pm

Show time: 2:30pm  

Classes involved:

  • Monday grade 3 Ballet

  • Monday Pre Inter Jazz

  • Wednesday Junior Contemporary

  • Saturday Butterfly Ballet (8:30-9:00am group)

  • Saturday Junior Ballet

  • Saturday Junior Jazz

  • Lead dancers: Aziza Jones, Ava Morison, Charlie Killen, Cait Bleach, Shauna Parke, Amy Deller, Alice Frencham, Victoria Gunning, Zoe Holzer, Lily Pennefather and Edie Campbell.

Drop off time/ rehearsal: Please arrive at exactly 12:20pm, as we will commence our rehearsal at 12:45pm. Students are to arrive in their costumes with their hair and make up done. I will email out a list of instructions for hair and make up, however please pack brushes, hair spray, extra hair pins and make up as touch ups may be required post rehearsal.

Costumes: Costumes will be handed out in class over the next few weeks and are to be looked after at home. We do not stock replacements for lost or misplaced costumes, so please label each item with your Childs name and put them in a safe place until the concert. Some dance items may require a particular pair of stockings, I will send out information about this closer to the show.

Tickets will go on sale on the 1st of November. 


Can I watch the dress rehearsal? No, this is a closed rehearsal. We want you to have a wonderful surprise once we have figured out all of the technical elements.

Do I need to pack food/ snacks? Please do! Pack easy to eat snacks that won’t leave finger print marks on costumes/ ruin make up. Please include a drink bottle filled with water and label all of your belongings.

Do I pick my child up after they have performed? No they stay for the duration of the show, and can be picked up once the show finishes.

Do we get to keep the costumes: Unless the costume has been specified as a hired item, yes you get to keep the costume.

Senior concert rehearsal: 

When: Monday the 10th of December

Where: The Renaissance Theatre, Kew High School

Arrival time- 4:00-4:20pm

Rehearsal time: 4:30pm-7:30pm

Classes involved:

  • Monday : Grade 5 Ballet and Tap

  • Tuesday: Grade 5 Ballet and Inter Contemporary

  • Wednesday: Advance Ballet

  • Thursday: Inter Jazz, Inter Hip hop, Company Class, Senior Hip Hop

  • Friday: Grade 6 Ballet, Lyrical, Advance Ballet, Advance Pointe

  • Saturday: Inter Contemporary, Inter Jazz, Open Ballet, Advance Contemporary, Advance Jazz

As this is a full dress rehearsal students are to arrive with their hair and make up done. Information on what is required for each dance will be established in class. Costumes will be handed out in class over the next few weeks and are to be looked after at home, we do not stock replacements for lost or misplaced costumes.  

Senior concert:

When: Friday 14th of December

Where: The Renaissance Theatre, Kew High School

Arrival Time: 4:20pm

4:30- 5:30 pre show warm up

5:30-6:30 Notes and rehearsals

6:30-7:15 Show prep

Show time: 7:00pm

Tickets will go on sale on the 1st of November.