Junior Concert

Sunday 2nd of December

Location: Melbourne Girls College

Classes involved:

Butterfly ballet (Saturday 8:30am-9:00am)

Junior Ballet (Saturday  9:00-9:45am)

Junior Jazz (Saturday 9:45-10:30am)

Grade 3 Ballet (Monday 4:15-5:15pm)

Pre Inter Jazz (Monday 5:15-6:00pm) 

Junior Contemporary (Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm)

On the day of the show there will be a dress rehearsal prior to the show. We will be holding a afternoon tea after the show to help celebrate what has been a wonderful performance and year of dance. Tickets will go on sale closer to the performance. 


Senior Concert

Friday 14th of December

Location: The Renaissance Theatre 826 High St, Kew East

Classes Involved:

Grade 5 Ballet (Monday 6:00-7:15pm)

Tap (Monday 7:15-8:00pm)

Grade 4 Ballet (Tuesday 4:15-5:15pm)

Intermediate Contemporary (Tuesday 5:15-6:15pm)

Intermediate Ballet (Wednesday 4:45-6:15pm)

Intermediate Jazz (Thursday 4:15-5:15pm)

Intermediate Hip Hop (Thursday 5:15-5:45pm)

Company Class (Thursday 5:45-6:45pm)

Senior Hip Hop (Thursday 7:45-8:30pm)

Grade 4 Ballet (Friday 4:15-5:15pm)

Lyrical (Friday 5:15-5:45pm)

Intermediate (Friday 5:45-7:00pm)

Pointe (7:00-7:30pm)

Intermediate Contemporary (Saturday10:30-11:30am)

Intermediate Jazz (Saturday 11:30-12:30pm)

Open Ballet (Saturday 12:30-1:45pm)

Advance Contemporary (Saturday 1:45-3:15pm)

Advance Jazz (Saturday 3:30-5:30pm)

Tickets will go on sale closer to the performance.